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Wellies wide calf

Rain boots

Wellies with a wide shaft are now available online at JJ Footwear

Our wide shaft rainboots are perfect for all weather conditions. The team at JJ Footwear selected high quality PVC to make a collection of wellies that provide all day comfort and protection no matter what you decide to do.  Perfect for a rainy day, for working in the garden or to take the dog for a walk.  What makes our wellies different is they are cut with a wide opening at the top of the shaft, and they have a variable width fitting, with a large ankle, high instep and wide foot.  Making them easy to pull on and take off.  The soles are made from durable PVC so they can withstand mud and wet terrain, and have a full track sole which helps prevents slipping. We have also added adjustable straps to the top of the wide shaft of the boots which give you the opportunity to customise the fit to meet your individual needs.

Women's rain boots with a wide shaft

If you have a mid or plus sized calf it is more than likely that you have struggled to purchase rainboots as they tend to be manufactured only in small shoe sizes with narrow shaft widths.  Here at JJ Footwear, we have designed a collection of wide shaft rainboots for women just like you.  Our Wellies are available in a selection of colours including red and yellow and in floral, leopard and in polka dots. Designed for outdoor use our wide calf rain boots are made from durable PVC and will protect you from whatever the weather throws at you.

Rain boots for wide calves

Our wide calf rainboots are the perfect footwear accessory for you if you have wide calves. The collection of wide calf wellies was designed to give you all the protection you need when out and about.  They not only look stylish, the wide shaft and wide footbed are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable in light showers or heavy downpours.  Designed to be different, our wellies are available in a variety of options, solid colours, patterns and calf width fittings.

Rain boots with a generous shaft

Our collection of rainboots have a generous calf which makes them perfect if you have large ankles or calves. Our rainboots are designed to give mid and plus sized bodies the perfect fit.  Here at JJ Footwear, we have worked tirelessly to bring you the best fitting wide calf wellie, in addition to creating a range with a wide shaft options our wellies also have a wide footbed and adjustable strap, so you can wear them comfortably with thick socks and adjust the strap to fit your calf.  Our rainboots are available in XL and XXL.