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About us

About us

JJ Footwear understands that every woman is unique, and that includes you. Buying boots and shoes can be challenging simply because every foot and calf is different.  As a fit specialist, JJ Footwear offers a solution, by providing fashionable boots with wide shafts, narrow shafts, and regular shafts. We also design regular and wide fitting ankle boots, regular and wide shoes, and wide and extra wide fitting sneakers. All of our collections come with flexible, non-slip soles and removable insoles.

Unique Fit

As many as 70% of women in the UK face difficulties when attempting to purchasing shoes and boots. When we developed our first collection of boots in various calf widths it addressed a significant number of consumer issues.  However, customer feedback demonstrated to us that calf width was not your only concern, but factors like foot length and width play a crucial role in achieving the perfect fit. For our team, the solution was simple: just as clothing has petit, standard and plus sizing, we developed a collection of boots (and later for shoes and ankle boots) in petit, standard and plus sizes.

Today JJ Footwear has developed a unique system where the final design is cut using four crucial measurements:  instep, foot width, ankle circumference, and calf width. We offer the most comfortable and perfectly fitting range of boots with regular shafts, wide shafts, narrow shafts, regular ankle boots, wide ankle boots, regular shoes, wide shoes, regular pumps, wide pumps, sandals, and slippers. In addition, the designs are available in a variety or colours and finishes to enable you to style your outfits your way.