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Extra wide calf boots

Fashionable boots with an extra wide shaft

Sometimes it's challenging to find the right pair of boots because one may be too narrow, and the other might not fit well around your calf. At JJ Footwear, we offer a suitable solution by providing boots with an extra wide shaft.

Within the category of boots with an extra wide shaft, you have the option to choose from models available in both XXL+ and XXXL variants. The shafts of these boots are generously designed, making them highly suitable for wide calves. An additional advantage of an extra wide shaft is easy entry into the boot.

The snug fit around the calves provides excellent support during wear. This combination of a perfect fit also enhances overall comfort.

Our boots with an extra wide shaft come in various styles and sizes. You also have a wide selection of materials to choose from, including leather/stretch leather, leather/suede, stretch, and suede. No matter which boots you choose, they will always complement your favorite outfit.

Which boots are suitable for wide calves?

Within JJ Footwear's assortment, you can find boots designed specifically for wide calves. Our boots are specially crafted with your wide calves in mind, offering various shaft widths that perfectly match your individual calf circumference.

Choose your favorite pair of boots with an extra wide shaft with the advice of our Personal Fit Code!

If you're unsure which model best suits your calf circumference, try our Personal Fit Code. By providing your shoe size, calf width, and last width, we can offer you a personalized collection that perfectly matches your individual measurements.