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Sandals Wide Fit

Wide-footed sandals for women

Sandals for wide feet are available at JJ Footwear. As fit specialists, we know better than anyone how difficult choosing sandals for wide feet can be. At JJ Footwear, you will find different women's sandals for wide feet. Our sandals have a wide sole, ensuring a comfortable fit for wide feet, and the sandals, specially designed for women with wide feet, are easy to adjust, increasing your comfort. The buckle on the back of the sandal allows you to adjust the sandals so that it feels like a custom-made sandal.

Buying sandals for wide feet can be a tricky choice for ladies. With sandals from JJ Footwear, you can be sure that you are buying sandals with a wide sole. Because the sandals are specially produced for large sizes, regardless of your wide calf width, the sandal is very suitable to wear. With the fashionable design of our sandals, you always have a wide range to choose from.

Wide sandals for women

Wide sandals for women can be found in JJ Footwear's range. These wide sandals have a wider entry, which means you can always find sandals that fit, regardless of your calf width. Within our range, you will find various models of wide sandals. From a cheerful, summery look to a more businesslike model. You can choose from the colours; Asphalt (grey shade), Beige, Ocean (blue shade), White and Black. By already thinking about the fit during the sandal-making process, under wide sandals for women are even available up to shoe size 46.

Wide heeled sandals

Besides sandals for wide feet, JJ Footwear's product range also includes sandals with a heel. These fashionable sandals have a wide entry, so you can always put on your sandals with ease. Sandals with heel feature different heel heights of up to 40 millimetres, allowing you to walk on a full-length sandal with heel. The wide model will always support your foot when needed.

Sandals for wide feet

Suppose you have wide feet and are looking for sandals. JJ Footwear offers the solution. Within our range of sandals for wide feet, you can always find a perfectly fitting set of sandals. This is because our sandals feature a wide sole as well as a wide entry, which means that, with an adjustable strap at the back, the sandal will always feel like a custom-made sandal for your feet.